Sunday, March 3, 2013

Faith and How It Can be Obtained

I am here, Jesus.

I came to-night to tell you that you are nearer the Kingdom than you have been for a long time, and that if you pray to the Father in more earnestness, you will soon realize the inflowing of the Divine Love, that will make you free indeed and fit you to enjoy that close communion with the Father that will enable you to forget all your worries and disappointments and see with your soul perceptions the great truths which I and my followers may endeavor to teach you.

I know, that at times, it seems difficult to grasp the full meaning of faith in the Father and His Love, but if you will earnestly seek for His Love, you will find that there will come to you such a belief in His Wonderful Love and in the nearness of His presence, that you will be free from all doubt.

You have asked me, “What is faith?” And I will answer: Faith is that which when possessed in its real and true meaning makes the aspirations and longings of the soul a real, living existence; and one so certain and palpable that no doubt will arise as to its reality.

This faith is not the belief that arises from the mere operation of the mind, but that which comes from the opening of the perceptions of the soul, and which enables its possessor to see God in all His Beauty and Love. I do not mean that the possessor of this faith will actually see God in form or feature, for he has none such, but his soul perceptions will be in such condition that all the Attributes of the Father will appear so plainly to him, that they will be as real as anything that he can see with the eyes of the spirit form. Such faith comes only with constant earnest prayer, and the reception into the soul of the....


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