Friday, January 11, 2013

Divine Love is Ever Waiting to Fill the Soul and Will, When the Soul Longings Become Real For Its Possession

I am here. St. John (Apostle of Jesus).

...You are blessed in that you have the knowledge of the existence of this Love, and that it may be yours if you so will it to be and pray with the true longings of your soul’s desires. You cannot doubt the truth of what I write for, as in the ordinary things of life, there is nothing so convincing as personal experience, and your experience is such that there has been no room for doubt.

So if you would keep the consciousness of the presence of this Love continually alive, pray and pray whenever the opportunity presents itself, and by this I don’t mean that you shall wait for a time when you are not engaged in your business affairs, but at moments when the mind may be free, even if only for a moment, from these business affairs. The longings, if exercised only for a moment, will bring their results; for God’s ear is always open and ready to cause the responses to such longings.

One moment of true soul-felt longings is more effective than hours of prayer where these longings are not present. The prayers of the lip, or of habit, arises no higher than the escaping breath and does not cause the Love to respond and flow into the soul. Remember this, and then realize how futile are all the prayers of preachers and ostensible worshipers when the soul’s longings and desires are not present.

Only soul can call to soul, and Divine Love responds only when such soul calls. The mere desires of the mind, if I may so express my meaning, do not in the least affect the soul, and as mind can operate only on mind, there cannot possibly be any activity of the soul’s faculties, when only mind is in operation. Hence, you will see, that all the worship that comes merely from the mind will not effectuate the working of the Love or....


  1. Dear Joan,

    Meeting you has been such a blessing. I will be forever grateful to you for teaching me about Divine Love.

    I can read your book for hours at night and forget my troubles or that I was ever tired and sleepy. What's more, your blog posts are such superb selections. I can read them over and over and still find something new to reflect upon.

    Much love,

  2. Hi Angela,

    Thank you so much for your sweet and kind words. I am so happy to have met you, too, I hope and pray that you will stay in touch as you have become a true Divine Love sister to me.

    It touches my heart that our book has such an uplifting affect on your soul. May our loving Heavenly Father bless you with His awesome Love today and always.

    Love and hugs,