Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Necessity for Men Turning Their Thoughts to Things Spiritual

I am here, St. Luke of the New Testament.

I desire to write my promised message and if you feel that you can receive it, I will try to write. Well, I desire to declare certain truths with reference to the necessity for men turning their thoughts to things spiritual and letting the material things of life consume less of their time and thoughts.

In the first place, that which is eternal is of more importance than that which is temporal and has an existence for a short time only, even though these things of time are necessary to sustain and preserve man while living his life on earth.

I would not be understood as implying that these material things are not necessary and important for man to acquire and use to the best possible advantage, for they are a necessity to his earth existence. And it is not only a privilege, but a duty, for man to make the best use of these material gifts that is possible, and to place himself in that condition which will enable him to enjoy, to the utmost, these things that have been provided for his material comfort and happiness. And further, it is his duty to bend his efforts to develop the use and application of these things, so that the greatest possible benefit and utility may be derived from the proper use of them.

And to do this, I understand that man has to give a portion of his thoughts and devote a part of his time to their consideration and to the means and methods by which the best results may be brought about. And in doing this, man is not disobedient to the Father’s Laws, or to the requirements which the laws of his own being calls for.

The discoveries of the inventors are desirable, and men’s work in making these discoveries is commendable; and so are efforts of the merchant and mechanic and financiers to succeed in their different undertakings and, as a result, accumulate money and use it for their comfort and sustenance.

But these things, or the thoughts and efforts used to accomplish these results, do not help the soul development, or even the development of the spiritual side of man’s nature. And if man devotes himself for the greater number of his hours of living to these pursuits, when he comes to lay down these burdens and pass into the land of the spirits, he will find that he is very poor, indeed, and that the eternal part of his being has little developed, and his soul is fitted for a place where those who have laid up their riches on earth must…

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