Sunday, December 23, 2012

How a Soul Must Receive the Divine Love of the Father in Order to Become an Inhabitant of the Kingdom of God

I am here, Jesus.

I desire tonight to write you on the subject: “How a soul must receive the Divine Love of the Father in order to become an inhabitant of the Kingdom of God, and realize that immortality of which I have written you.”

In the first place, it must be understood that the Divine Love of the Father is an entirely distinct kind of love from the love which the Father bestowed upon man at the time of his creation, and which man has possessed in a more or less condition of purity ever since that time. The Divine Love was never conferred upon man as a perfect and completed gift, either at the time of his creation, or since my coming to earth, but as a gift which is waiting for man’s own efforts and aspirations to obtain and without his efforts, it can never become his, although it is always close to him, and is waiting to answer his call.

Then, understanding what this Love is, and that man must seek for it, and what its effect upon the soul of man is, it becomes very important that man should make the obtaining of it the one great object of his aspirations and desires. For when he possesses it to a degree that makes him at-one with the Father, he ceases to be a mere man and becomes of a nature of soul existence that makes him Divine, with many qualities of the Father, the chief of which is, of course, Love. And this also causes him to absolutely realize the fact of his Immortality. 

Mere moral goodness, or the possession of the natural love to its fullest degree, will not confer upon man this Divine Nature that I have mentioned, nor will good acts, charity, or kindness, of themselves, lead men to the possession of this Love. But the possession of this Love, in truth and in fact, will lead to charity and good deeds and kindness, always unselfish, and to a brotherhood of men on earth that the mere natural love cannot possibly lead to or cause to exist.

I know that men preach about the Fatherhood of God, and the brotherhood of man, and urge men to attempt to cultivate the thoughts and deeds of love and self-sacrifice and charity in a way to bring about the greatly to be wished for unity of life and purpose on the part of men; and by reason of this natural love, can themselves do a great work in bringing about this brotherhood. Yet, the chain that binds them together cannot possibly be any stronger than the natural love which forges it, and when that becomes overshadowed by ambition and material desires, the brotherhood will become greatly weakened, or disappear....

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