Sunday, December 30, 2012

How the Divine Love Enters Into the Soul of Man. When a Man Dies Shall He Live Again?

I am here, Jesus.

I am here according to promise and desire to write you on a subject that all men should be acquainted with: “How the Divine Love enters into the soul of a man.” As I have told you before, man is a creature of God, having a body, spirit and soul, and all these are necessary to make the perfect man. But these three parts of man are different in their characteristics and functions and are separate and distinct and have qualities that are unlike in their composition, as well as in the duration of their existence.

The body, as you and all men know, has an existence which lasts only during the life of the mortal on earth and after that life ends dissolves into its elements, which no more can form the same body, either in the mortal world or in the spirit world for these elements are merely things of matter and may be and are used to form other bodies and manifestations of the material of nature - not necessarily in the form of human beings, for they enter into other forms both animal and vegetable and are so disseminated that never again will they become parts of a resurrected body.

Your orthodox do not teach this truth but think in some mysterious way that the mortal body will sometime be resurrected. No, the body, when it has performed its function of maintaining and shielding the soul and spirit of man during his earth life, is no longer and cannot thereafter be a part of that man and may be considered as something that is no longer a part of him. 

This body, though, as a matter of fact even during the life of the mortal is not the same body during that life, for continually is there changes in the elements that compose that body, and one element or set of elements gives place to others and becomes lost or absorbed in the great sea of elements that help form or constitute the universe of God.

By operation of the laws of attraction and repulsion, these elements, as they replace others which disappear, conform themselves to the general appearance or outline of the parent body, so that the identity of the body, as well as of its appearance, is preserved. And as a man grows older the laws, which make the changes in his appearance, cause these new elements to....

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