Sunday, December 30, 2012

How the Divine Love Enters Into the Soul of Man. When a Man Dies Shall He Live Again?

I am here, Jesus.

I am here according to promise and desire to write you on a subject that all men should be acquainted with: “How the Divine Love enters into the soul of a man.” As I have told you before, man is a creature of God, having a body, spirit and soul, and all these are necessary to make the perfect man. But these three parts of man are different in their characteristics and functions and are separate and distinct and have qualities that are unlike in their composition, as well as in the duration of their existence.

The body, as you and all men know, has an existence which lasts only during the life of the mortal on earth and after that life ends dissolves into its elements, which no more can form the same body, either in the mortal world or in the spirit world for these elements are merely things of matter and may be and are used to form other bodies and manifestations of the material of nature - not necessarily in the form of human beings, for they enter into other forms both animal and vegetable and are so disseminated that never again will they become parts of a resurrected body.

Your orthodox do not teach this truth but think in some mysterious way that the mortal body will sometime be resurrected. No, the body, when it has performed its function of maintaining and shielding the soul and spirit of man during his earth life, is no longer and cannot thereafter be a part of that man and may be considered as something that is no longer a part of him. 

This body, though, as a matter of fact even during the life of the mortal is not the same body during that life, for continually is there changes in the elements that compose that body, and one element or set of elements gives place to others and becomes lost or absorbed in the great sea of elements that help form or constitute the universe of God.

By operation of the laws of attraction and repulsion, these elements, as they replace others which disappear, conform themselves to the general appearance or outline of the parent body, so that the identity of the body, as well as of its appearance, is preserved. And as a man grows older the laws, which make the changes in his appearance, cause these new elements to....

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

How a Soul Must Receive the Divine Love of the Father in Order to Become an Inhabitant of the Kingdom of God

I am here, Jesus.

I desire tonight to write you on the subject: “How a soul must receive the Divine Love of the Father in order to become an inhabitant of the Kingdom of God, and realize that immortality of which I have written you.”

In the first place, it must be understood that the Divine Love of the Father is an entirely distinct kind of love from the love which the Father bestowed upon man at the time of his creation, and which man has possessed in a more or less condition of purity ever since that time. The Divine Love was never conferred upon man as a perfect and completed gift, either at the time of his creation, or since my coming to earth, but as a gift which is waiting for man’s own efforts and aspirations to obtain and without his efforts, it can never become his, although it is always close to him, and is waiting to answer his call.

Then, understanding what this Love is, and that man must seek for it, and what its effect upon the soul of man is, it becomes very important that man should make the obtaining of it the one great object of his aspirations and desires. For when he possesses it to a degree that makes him at-one with the Father, he ceases to be a mere man and becomes of a nature of soul existence that makes him Divine, with many qualities of the Father, the chief of which is, of course, Love. And this also causes him to absolutely realize the fact of his Immortality. 

Mere moral goodness, or the possession of the natural love to its fullest degree, will not confer upon man this Divine Nature that I have mentioned, nor will good acts, charity, or kindness, of themselves, lead men to the possession of this Love. But the possession of this Love, in truth and in fact, will lead to charity and good deeds and kindness, always unselfish, and to a brotherhood of men on earth that the mere natural love cannot possibly lead to or cause to exist.

I know that men preach about the Fatherhood of God, and the brotherhood of man, and urge men to attempt to cultivate the thoughts and deeds of love and self-sacrifice and charity in a way to bring about the greatly to be wished for unity of life and purpose on the part of men; and by reason of this natural love, can themselves do a great work in bringing about this brotherhood. Yet, the chain that binds them together cannot possibly be any stronger than the natural love which forges it, and when that becomes overshadowed by ambition and material desires, the brotherhood will become greatly weakened, or disappear....

Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Necessity for Men Turning Their Thoughts to Things Spiritual

I am here, St. Luke of the New Testament.

I desire to write my promised message and if you feel that you can receive it, I will try to write. Well, I desire to declare certain truths with reference to the necessity for men turning their thoughts to things spiritual and letting the material things of life consume less of their time and thoughts.

In the first place, that which is eternal is of more importance than that which is temporal and has an existence for a short time only, even though these things of time are necessary to sustain and preserve man while living his life on earth.

I would not be understood as implying that these material things are not necessary and important for man to acquire and use to the best possible advantage, for they are a necessity to his earth existence. And it is not only a privilege, but a duty, for man to make the best use of these material gifts that is possible, and to place himself in that condition which will enable him to enjoy, to the utmost, these things that have been provided for his material comfort and happiness. And further, it is his duty to bend his efforts to develop the use and application of these things, so that the greatest possible benefit and utility may be derived from the proper use of them.

And to do this, I understand that man has to give a portion of his thoughts and devote a part of his time to their consideration and to the means and methods by which the best results may be brought about. And in doing this, man is not disobedient to the Father’s Laws, or to the requirements which the laws of his own being calls for.

The discoveries of the inventors are desirable, and men’s work in making these discoveries is commendable; and so are efforts of the merchant and mechanic and financiers to succeed in their different undertakings and, as a result, accumulate money and use it for their comfort and sustenance.

But these things, or the thoughts and efforts used to accomplish these results, do not help the soul development, or even the development of the spiritual side of man’s nature. And if man devotes himself for the greater number of his hours of living to these pursuits, when he comes to lay down these burdens and pass into the land of the spirits, he will find that he is very poor, indeed, and that the eternal part of his being has little developed, and his soul is fitted for a place where those who have laid up their riches on earth must…

Sunday, December 9, 2012

God is a God of Love and No Man Can Come to Him Unless He Receives the Love of the Father in His Soul

I am here, Jesus.

You are in a better condition tonight and I will continue my messages. “God is a God of Love, and no man can come to Him unless he receives the Love of the Father in his soul.”

As men are by nature sinful and inclined to error and the violation of God’s Laws, they can be redeemed from sin only by obtaining this Love; and that can be obtained only through prayer, and faith in the willingness of God to bestow this Love upon whosoever may ask for it. I do not mean that there must be formal prayers or compliance with any church creeds or dogmas, but the prayer that is efficacious is that which emanates from the soul and earnest aspirations of a man. 

So let men know that unless they have the real soul longings for this Love, it will not be given to them. No mere intellectual desires will suffice. The intellect is not that faculty in man that unites him to God, only the soul is made in the likeness of the Father, and unless this likeness is perfected by a filling of the soul with the Divine Love of the Father, the likeness is never complete.  

Love is the One Great Thing in God’s economy of real existence. Without it, all would be chaos and unhappiness, but where it exists harmony and happiness also exist. I say this because I know from personal experience that it is true. Let not men think that God is a God who wants the worship of men with the mere intellectual faculties - that is not true. His Love is the one thing that can possibly unite Him and them. This Love is not the love that is a part of man’s natural existence. The love that men have, who have not received a part of the Divine Love, is not sufficient to make them one with the Father. Nor is that love the kind that will enable them to enter the Celestial Spheres and become as the Angels, who are filled with this Divine Love and....