Saturday, May 5, 2012

Thoughts on Losing My Mind

[Excerpt by Ruth Duvall in Divine Love for the Soul - God's Gift of Love]

God, it’s okay with me if I lose my eyesight and can’t see anymore. I will always have my spiritual eyes and I can remember what the sunset looks like and experience the warmth of the setting sun on my face. And, it’s okay if I lose the use of my legs. I can always remember those beautiful walks in the park with you and the feeling of levitating when Your Love flows into me. And, it’s okay if I lose my hearing. I know that it is always in the silence that I can hear your still small voice telling me of your Great Love for us all. And, it’s okay if I forget how to speak. Our best conversations have always been those without words.
But, what if I lose my mind? I hope that you will “remember for me.” Remember to hold me. Remember to love me. Remember to bless my family, my friends, and my extended family around the world. When I forget how to pray, remember the times that I did. When I forget how to share your gift of Love with others, remember for me.

I think I am beginning to see the lesson here. It is a lesson in faith, faith that You will always remember. Faith: that I am resting in the palm of your very capable hand. Faith: that even when I feel I am stumbling around in the dark, not knowing who or where I am, that You Do. Thank you, Father, for all those little lessons in my life. I only need to remember to have....

Twinn Falls State Park

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