Saturday, May 12, 2012

There Are Two Loves, Not One

[Excerpt by Ian Nicol in Divine Love for the Soul - God's Gift of Love]
People are taught that there is one love, but there are two loves: natural love and Divine Love, or to put it another way, the love we were created with, perfected or not, and the Divine Love, which is God’s love.

No-one can comprehend this Love of the Father until they receive it into their soul. It’s like the old saying, “What you have never had, you will never miss,” and another thing, those who have not received it do not recognise it in those who have received it, and to complicate things even more, some have unknowingly received this Love but lack the understanding of what it is that makes them different from who they were before the inflowing of this love.

But when you sincerely pray to God with faith and longings for the inflowing of the Divine Love, you will receive it, and you will understand the great change in your soul that it causes. Also, you will know that it is waiting for everyone to accept no matter what their condition of soul is.

This Love is progressive and comes in answer to the prayers of the individual, the more a person prays for it, the more of this love is received and the person that prays for this love may look forward to a time in the future when their soul completes its purpose and then....

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