Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Tree

[Excerpt by Ruth Duvall in Divine Love for the Soul - God's Gift of Love]

My tree has four major branches and many smaller ones that branch off from those as if stretching her arms out to protect and shelter all that she can. A multitude of acorns lie at her feet, waiting to bless and nourish the hungry ones in winter’s path. Her arthritic looking twigs gently caress a small bird’s nest, full of hope. The squirrels have made a large nest high up in the very top branches, using her discarded leaves of red and gold and a few twigs, and yes, a bit of that old moss too, for insulation from the cold winter ahead.

The birds will carry her acorns to places far and wide, to places she could only dream of. New trees will spring up and grow strong and tall and carry on her legacy. Receiving Divine Love in the soul is much like my tree receiving life giving light and water to grow and bear fruit. It strengthens and nurtures and grows the soul and brings us closer to Heaven.

I believe that if we can endure the storms in life, and grow our roots strong and deep in the Father’s Love, bend a bit when the winds blow, feed and shelter those we can in need and remember to give thanks to our Benefactor, we can all grow into something quite....

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