Thursday, April 19, 2012

God's Greatest Truths

[Excerpt by Rev. Dr. David R. Lampron in Divine Love for the Soul - God's Gift of Love]

In a section of my own “God Is Love” personal testimonial in “Chapter One: Soul Awakenings,” I mentioned that if there ever was a book that seemed desperately in need of some major corrections, as far as I was concerned, it was the Bible. But what I would now also like to share with you by way of contrast are a couple of major Truths that the Bible does contain if properly understood.

What did Jesus and other of his disciples have to say primarily? Simply and briefly put, God’s Love is available to all who sincerely seek it through prayer. This was precisely the “Way” that Jesus originally taught a man might achieve true communion with God and eventual angelic status. The repeated inflow of this Love into our souls, through the messenger and instrumentality of God’s Holy Spirit, is that which begins to purify and transform them over time, and with greater abundance, into divine souls, partaking of the very Substance of God’s Own Soul and making us no longer human and finite souls, but transformed angelic and immortal souls.

Jesus qualifies that true angelic children of God do not achieve this status through a meritorious process wherein good thoughts and good works eventually qualify one for Celestial residence among the divine. Neither is this status gained by a mere belief in Jesus’ name or in any falsely alleged vicarious atonement of his. As Jesus clearly and emphatically points out in his hundreds of messages through Mr. Padgett, our Father is not a wrathful God who sought an expiation for men’s sins through the sacrifice and death of a beloved son.  Rather, He is a Loving Father who....

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