Friday, March 30, 2012

Why Is Talking About God a Taboo?

[Excerpt by Dan Bowman in Divine Love for the Soul - God's Gift of Love]

Several years ago I went to a client’s home in the early morning to do a home inspection and the maid let me inside to do my job. We shared some light conversation and I began talking about God as a response to something she said. She replied, “I wasn't going to walk through that door unless you went there first.” After the “ice” was broken, she opened up and we had a wonderful sharing together about God.

I think most folks are very timid to talk about God in public because, perhaps, they fear rejection by others, who may see this as a taboo. Why is talking about God a taboo? Maybe this is rooted in fear; people don't want to be rejected, as some may draw their self image from the opinions of others. This is an oddity to me. My natural inclination is to talk about God as often as I can - not to convert others, as we only convert ourselves - but because I can't help myself. It just spills out as if I can't not talk about my loving Lord. And this is all due to my spiritual conditioning through seeking God's Divine Love. Divine Love does give us a boldness to speak of God early and often and does not compromise itself out of fear of what others think.

In addition, Divine Love is true and honest, as it is not contrived and artificial. There are many people who talk about God, who are also looking for the acceptance of others or whom are seeking other’s approval as appearing acceptable. Divine Love creates a naturally sincere state of being that is rooted in Love and is, therefore, in a state of....

Bachalpsee in Swiss Alps

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