Monday, February 20, 2012

Why I Pray for Divine Love

[Excerpt by Dan Bowman in Divine Love for the Soul - God's Gift of Love]

“Woe is me,” was my earlier tune and it cost me dearly to entertain such deprecating thoughts. Seeking God's Love for salvation from this negative condition due to such bilious thinking has been the prime impetus of my prayers and longings.

It seems like a long and winding road ahead that leads to the heart of God. And then I remember reading one of the messages that James Padgett received that said most folks take several centuries to develop their souls into the perfection of their original creation; that is, the perfection of their natural love; and soul development in the Divine Love is much faster than natural love development.

When I read such words, I take comfort that we are among a few people on earth whom have been blessed with the Master's teachings of the redemption of the mortal soul through the affects of the Father's Divine Love upon our soul. It is not a hidden or esoteric knowledge, however, is hidden in the sense that, without any possession of this Love, the human mind cannot comprehend its existence nor can fathom the principal of the "New Birth." Once a person reaches out and asks for God's Divine Love to become implanted in their soul, whereas, it becomes a soul possession, the blinders are removed from our eyes and the soul's perceptions have now been activated through this Divine substance, which enables us to perceive....

Road in the Park by coward_lion

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