Thursday, January 26, 2012

God is Love

[Excerpt by Rev. Dr. David R. Lampron in Divine Love for the Soul - God’s Gift of Love]

Had not my own soul yearned for a more personal confirmation of God’s Love, the chances are that I would have passed through my mortal life ongoingly plagued with doubts and a lack of fulfillment. Rationally, I knew that no material answer to prayer and no external miracle, so-called, would ever serve to absolutely confirm the Reality of God’s Love within myself. Ah, but there was the not as yet discovered key: “within”! God’s Love could not be absolutely confirmed from without. Might it instead be confirmed from within?

For quite some time my soul gave me no peace. As a child of God, I could not conceive that absolutely no communication with God was possible. If I could pray directly to God, certainly God, so much greater than I, could respond directly to me if He chose to do so. “Could,” yes, but would He? And, if so, what was I to do to encourage His response, not even knowing how to proceed? Would I even recognize His response, should it come?

There was no way that I could preconceive what a direct response from God would be like. All I can tell you is that I wanted God. With all the longing of my soul, that had been slowly but surely....

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