Friday, December 16, 2011

My Path to Spiritual Enlightenment

[Excerpt by Rev. Dr. Michael Dougal, D.D. in Divine Love for the Soul – God’s Gift of Love]

My sister and I had a chat one time years ago, and she had explained her thoughts on the Mormons; that is, why she stopped and became a Lutheran. As time went on and I had an uneasy feeling about religion, I started looking for answers that would satisfy my desires.  I always felt that there was life after death and I strongly believed in spirits but found the whole fire and brimstone Hell a bit too much. I also never could understand how nailing Jesus to a cross would wash away my sins that I haven't even committed yet. I studied one idea after another trying to find something to settle that inner voice and decided that I would just go with being some type of spiritualist, as that made more sense than anything else.

Several years ago, I became involved with an organization from Australia on a business project they were planning. My contact there sent me a link to a website that is about the Divine Love. I found some copies of the Padgett messages there and briefly looked them over, thinking how wonderful that someone could connect with Jesus and receive….

Path by Bobby Mikul

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