Friday, December 23, 2011

My Experience with the Divine Love

[Excerpt from Brianna Davis in Divine Love for the Soul – God’s Gift of Love]

I was praying for the Divine Love for the first time last night and soon I realized it was just what I needed.

The New Age Movement told me, since I was a Christian then, that I wasn’t capable of love just because I was a Christian. That had hurt me more than a knife piercing through my skin. This had led me to depression and self-loathing. I backed away from their intimidating, bullying beliefs and started to look for the Truth, and soon I found the website Truth for All People.

The messages told me that everyone is worthy of God’s Love and it told me that I didn’t need to conform to a belief or do rituals to achieve God’s Love. I just needed to have a connection with Him/Her to start a new purified life...

Rainbows clouds sky by Jon Sullivan

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