Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Encounter with Divine Love after a Long Journey

[Excerpt by Geraldine Cousins in Divine Love for the Soul – God’s Gift of Love]

Though what I had read was very convincing, one morning, after reading yet more of the messages, I ascended my thoughts to Jesus in a very sincere manner, somewhat like this, as I recall:

“Jesus – if these messages really came from whom they are said – you and others in the Celestial Heavens, then surely you can hear my thoughts and can send me a sign which I will clearly understand. Please confirm that these messages did not come from someone trying to impersonate you, but are, indeed, from you and your followers in the Celestial Heavens. Although, these messages are of high spiritual content and it is hard to believe that such information could have even been conceived by any human mind, still, I would appreciate your confirmation. Please forgive me for questioning you, if you are, indeed, the source of these messages.”

Well, after having this “conversation” with Jesus, I continued with my daily task and had completely dismissed the thought from my mind, as perhaps, I really did not expect to get an answer. Approximately one hour and a half later, my phone rang and I was unable to take the call at the moment. Upon checking the Caller ID later to see who had called, the Caller ID displayed….
Butterfly in Louisiana by Jon Sullivan

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