Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How I trusted in My Heart to Bring Me Home to God

[Excerpt by Jill Lloyd in Divine Love for the Soul – God’s Gift of Love]

So I continued on through my life having this deep spiritual side to me. I was asked to join the Bahai faith movement and to sign up on the dotted line by my weed-supply contact friend. I was asked to join the Hari Krishna movement by ex-acid head band members at a nightclub I used to attend. And I have looked into the new age movement but was not impressed by their dogmatic thinking or pretty little crystal pyramids. I declined all of those things and kept my sights set on God.
My search continued through reading, which was good. What I uncovered in my search relates to, and often confirms, the information that was received by James E. Padgett from Jesus, other spirits and the Celestial Angels – who worked with him for the good of all souls. Other spiritual knowledge has also been conveyed to me through my own inner experiences, meditations and contemplations on the truth.

At one point in my life, I read that in the moment of death one can command the soul into God’s hands. Well, I thought, “Why wait till then?” So I stopped and prayed and commanded my soul into God’s hands. And at that very moment, I heard…

Palm and Mountains 

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