Wednesday, December 7, 2011

All We Need Is Love – Preferably from Above

[Excerpt by Kathryn Stokes in Divine Love for the Soul – God’s Gift of Love]

Developing our love nature is one of the most important spiritual lessons one can learn. It is challenging to progress in natural love. To me, it feels like trying to lift myself up by my own bootstraps. God never forces Divine Love upon anyone, the only way It can be received is to want It to come into your soul; to pray for God’s Gift of Grace; to pray for Divine Mercy; desire to develop the highest potential of your soul; ask to be blessed by the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is God’s Special Energy, which has the sole purpose of conveying Divine Love to the penitent, prayerful person’s soul. It’s important to be humble. Striving to understand spiritual truth through intellectual reasoning brings one to faulty conclusions. This explains to me why there are so many “interpretations” of spiritual laws and teachings. Seek spiritual truth with sincere and heartfelt longings and….

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