Thursday, December 29, 2011

Meet the Divine Love Writers

[Meet the Divine Love Writers in Divine Love for the Soul - God's Gift of Love]

Ian Nicol has written over a dozen stories about his spiritual experiences and created several Divine Love videos, which are published on his website Truth For All People and blog Are You Seeking Truth, as well as other internet websites. He was spiritual as a child and, in 1998 with spiritual guidance, found Jesus’ teachings and began receiving Divine Love. Ian resides with his family in Norway and is devoted to God and Jesus’ mission and enjoys writing on his website forum that God’s Divine Love is real.

Jill Lloyd began receiving God's Divine Love, along with inner peace and understanding, through Jesus' pure teachings nine years ago, after questioning a troubled early life where she totally surrendered to God. She lives a charmed life in Coffs Harbour on the beautiful mid-north coast of Australia, where she does face and body art.

Joan Warden has written over a hundred guest columns in her local newspaper, several magazine and yearly publication articles, edited Divine Love books, and regularly contributes to internet forums sharing the truth about God. She has been a Divine Love follower for over 30 years and possesses the spiritual gift of automatic writing. Joan has created blogs, Divine Love SoulmatesDivine Love Writings and Divine Love for the Soul, as well as youtube videos. She lives in California USA.

Rev. Dr. Michael Dougal enjoys writing and has completed several Hollywood screenplays. He is an architect, builder and businessman, who resides with his wife and family in Idaho USA. Ordained in 2004, receiving a Doctor of Divinity in 2006, Michael studied comparative religions, searched for the truth and found it in 2010. He is a member of the Foundation Church of Divine Truth.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Meet the Divine Love Writers

[Meet the Divine Love Writers in Divine Love for the Soul - God's Gift of Love]

In the next few weeks, you will have an opportunity to meet the Divine Love writers, who have contributed to this book. Several writers have created their own websites, blogs, and youtube channels, and a few of them are regular posters of the forum at Truth For All People, as well as members of Facebook, Twitter and other internet social networks.

Al Fike has been a follower of the Divine Pathway for 40 years, sharing his spiritual journey and facilitating Divine Love and Healing Prayer Circles with his wife, Jeanne. His spiritual gifts have given him a unique perspective of both the material and spiritual worlds. Al is a landscape gardener, potter, world traveller, and a writer living in Vancouver, Canada and the Sunshine Coast. He may be contacted at

Jeanne Fike met her husband, Al, in a Divine Love Prayer and Healing Circle 40 years ago and together they have shared a blessed spiritual journey - raising two sons, travelling to more than 50 countries and hosting spiritual groups both in Vancouver, Canada and the Sunshine Coast. She is a community activist and leads a social service organization working to strengthen families and community. Jeanne can be contacted at

Judy Gebhardt has followed Jesus’ teachings for almost 40 years. She has written articles for the New Birth Commentary and Divine Love Newsletter and has provided counseling to people who have found her website, Messages from Jesus and the Angels. She has the gifts of clairaudience and clairsentience and has had many spiritual experiences. Judy is a master hairstylist and lives in California USA.

Kelly Berry was raised on God's Divine Love and began actively praying for it almost 20 years ago. She has a BA in Communication and is a certified paralegal. Kelly has designed two Divine Love websites: Celestial Vision Productions and ABC's of God's Divine Love for Kids. Her future desire is to share the truth about God and His Divine Love through podcasting. Kelly and her family live in California USA.

What makes our book different from other spiritual books?

Jesus wrote through James E. Padgett, “No river can rise higher than its source.”

What makes our book Divine Love for the Soul - God's Gift of Love different from other spiritual books is the source of our information. The information that we share comes from the highest source that has ever been given to mankind, which makes it unique from other publications. You can investigate every spiritual book that has ever been on the market, and you will never find one such as this.

This book is the first one of its kind containing testimonials from several people, who reside in different parts of the world. We have all received in our souls the same Divine Love from God that causes spirits to become transformed into Divine Angels. It is the reason why we are so committed and dedicated to share this source. We feel that if you read this book, you will embrace the message, creating within you the desire to receive the Greatest Gift from God: Divine Love for the Soul.

Thank you for visiting this blog and may God bless you on your spiritual journey.

Washington Park Troy New York by Tim Bielawa

Friday, December 23, 2011

My Experience with the Divine Love

[Excerpt from Brianna Davis in Divine Love for the Soul – God’s Gift of Love]

I was praying for the Divine Love for the first time last night and soon I realized it was just what I needed.

The New Age Movement told me, since I was a Christian then, that I wasn’t capable of love just because I was a Christian. That had hurt me more than a knife piercing through my skin. This had led me to depression and self-loathing. I backed away from their intimidating, bullying beliefs and started to look for the Truth, and soon I found the website Truth for All People.

The messages told me that everyone is worthy of God’s Love and it told me that I didn’t need to conform to a belief or do rituals to achieve God’s Love. I just needed to have a connection with Him/Her to start a new purified life...

Rainbows clouds sky by Jon Sullivan

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How I trusted in My Heart to Bring Me Home to God

[Excerpt by Jill Lloyd in Divine Love for the Soul – God’s Gift of Love]

So I continued on through my life having this deep spiritual side to me. I was asked to join the Bahai faith movement and to sign up on the dotted line by my weed-supply contact friend. I was asked to join the Hari Krishna movement by ex-acid head band members at a nightclub I used to attend. And I have looked into the new age movement but was not impressed by their dogmatic thinking or pretty little crystal pyramids. I declined all of those things and kept my sights set on God.
My search continued through reading, which was good. What I uncovered in my search relates to, and often confirms, the information that was received by James E. Padgett from Jesus, other spirits and the Celestial Angels – who worked with him for the good of all souls. Other spiritual knowledge has also been conveyed to me through my own inner experiences, meditations and contemplations on the truth.

At one point in my life, I read that in the moment of death one can command the soul into God’s hands. Well, I thought, “Why wait till then?” So I stopped and prayed and commanded my soul into God’s hands. And at that very moment, I heard…

Palm and Mountains 

Friday, December 16, 2011

My Path to Spiritual Enlightenment

[Excerpt by Rev. Dr. Michael Dougal, D.D. in Divine Love for the Soul – God’s Gift of Love]

My sister and I had a chat one time years ago, and she had explained her thoughts on the Mormons; that is, why she stopped and became a Lutheran. As time went on and I had an uneasy feeling about religion, I started looking for answers that would satisfy my desires.  I always felt that there was life after death and I strongly believed in spirits but found the whole fire and brimstone Hell a bit too much. I also never could understand how nailing Jesus to a cross would wash away my sins that I haven't even committed yet. I studied one idea after another trying to find something to settle that inner voice and decided that I would just go with being some type of spiritualist, as that made more sense than anything else.

Several years ago, I became involved with an organization from Australia on a business project they were planning. My contact there sent me a link to a website that is about the Divine Love. I found some copies of the Padgett messages there and briefly looked them over, thinking how wonderful that someone could connect with Jesus and receive….

Path by Bobby Mikul

Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Encounter with Divine Love after a Long Journey

[Excerpt by Geraldine Cousins in Divine Love for the Soul – God’s Gift of Love]

Though what I had read was very convincing, one morning, after reading yet more of the messages, I ascended my thoughts to Jesus in a very sincere manner, somewhat like this, as I recall:

“Jesus – if these messages really came from whom they are said – you and others in the Celestial Heavens, then surely you can hear my thoughts and can send me a sign which I will clearly understand. Please confirm that these messages did not come from someone trying to impersonate you, but are, indeed, from you and your followers in the Celestial Heavens. Although, these messages are of high spiritual content and it is hard to believe that such information could have even been conceived by any human mind, still, I would appreciate your confirmation. Please forgive me for questioning you, if you are, indeed, the source of these messages.”

Well, after having this “conversation” with Jesus, I continued with my daily task and had completely dismissed the thought from my mind, as perhaps, I really did not expect to get an answer. Approximately one hour and a half later, my phone rang and I was unable to take the call at the moment. Upon checking the Caller ID later to see who had called, the Caller ID displayed….
Butterfly in Louisiana by Jon Sullivan

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

All We Need Is Love – Preferably from Above

[Excerpt by Kathryn Stokes in Divine Love for the Soul – God’s Gift of Love]

Developing our love nature is one of the most important spiritual lessons one can learn. It is challenging to progress in natural love. To me, it feels like trying to lift myself up by my own bootstraps. God never forces Divine Love upon anyone, the only way It can be received is to want It to come into your soul; to pray for God’s Gift of Grace; to pray for Divine Mercy; desire to develop the highest potential of your soul; ask to be blessed by the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is God’s Special Energy, which has the sole purpose of conveying Divine Love to the penitent, prayerful person’s soul. It’s important to be humble. Striving to understand spiritual truth through intellectual reasoning brings one to faulty conclusions. This explains to me why there are so many “interpretations” of spiritual laws and teachings. Seek spiritual truth with sincere and heartfelt longings and….

Fuschia Lady Thumb

Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Guided Life

[Excerpt by Jeanne Fike in Divine Love for the Soul – God’s Gift of Love]

My calling did not come to me as dramatically as Al’s. While he’s been blessed with gifts of seeing and hearing spirits, my spiritual gifts are very different. I feel the presence of God’s Great Love and His angels manifesting in my life every day and sometimes I’m blessed to see auras. I feel the Presence of God intensely when I’m praying for others. All I need to do is ask. When I focus on someone or a situation then God’s Great Love starts flowing. It feels like it’s flowing through me and expanding inside of me. I have discovered no greater joy in life than the power of God’s Love flowing through me.

Looking back on my life’s journey, it’s easy to see the power of Divine Intervention more clearly now than I did when I actually lived through those defining circumstances that have made….

Sunburst over the clinch river by C. E. Price

Thursday, December 1, 2011

How to Pray for Divine Love

[Excerpt by Al Fike in Divine Love for the Soul - God’s Gift of Love]

I like to sit in a comfortable chair with my back straight and eyes closed. I often will play soft contemplative music in the background.  This seems to help clear my mind of whatever stray thoughts are kicking around in there.  I begin with a simple prayer for my soul to open to the inflowing of God's Love. I ask for the cloak of protection from all spirits and influence that are not Celestial.  I will pray for help, healing and protection for myself and my family and loved ones.  I may pray for them individually, or as a group.  I may ask for guidance on a particular challenge that I may be facing, or I will sit quietly and try to empty my mind of irrelevant thoughts. 

I will often experience a sense of profound peace. Our teachers call this "the peace that passes all understanding."  I believe this is the presence of God and the feeling that God's hand is upon me is complete.  I will often feel an opening or expansion of my solar plexus and be aware that God's Love is flowing into me in this area and an overall feeling of expansion and joy accompanies this event.  I don't know how to describe the qualities....

Waterfalls wallpaper by Jon Sullivan

Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Experience in Coming to the Heavenly Father

[Excerpt by J.R. Melmer in Divine Love for the Soul - God’s Gift of Love]

In the summer of 1977, I was busy publishing my little newspaper, “The New Age Dawn,” and organizing retreats for the new age folks in the area where I then lived, the beautiful province of British Columbia. One day when talking to one of the featured speakers, Dr. Margaret Marsh, she handed me a book entitled “True Gospel Revealed Anew by Jesus.”

I looked at the book with no small measure of skepticism and disdain and reproached her, “Margaret why are you giving me some book about Christianity, you know how I feel about that crap!” Nonetheless, I took the book home and began reading it. And I was absolutely thrilled and astonished at its content and read the whole volume in one day.

I rushed back to Margaret asking her where she got the book and did she have any more. She was, of course, flabbergasted and said….

Mountain Wildflowers by Andrea Schafthuizen

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What Was I Thinking?

[Excerpt by Joan Warden in Divine Love for the Soul - God's Gift of Love]

What immediately came to me, when I embraced the messages, was “I am free at last.” It felt like a burden had been lifted off my shoulders and I was at peace. All of my questions were answered and, more importantly, I knew who I was, where I came from, and where I was going. And the frosting on the cake, of course, was receiving God’s Divine Love after reading Jesus’ prayer several times.

So this was the beginning of my transformation from a lost soul to a redeemed soul. Lots of the stuff of life happened in between. The reason for sharing my story is to enlighten others that the transformation of God’s Divine Love gradually changes us over time and all of the old baggage and mental hang-ups disappear, and we eventually discover that we do truly love ourselves and....

Heart by Anna Cervova

Sunday, November 20, 2011

At-onement with God

[Excerpt by Nondi Leonora Tsawe-Makhetha in Divine Love for the Soul - God's Gift of Love]
A personal breakthrough occurred in my life after a very long, excruciating, misguided and troubled journey. I had a stable job; met Thozi, my husband, and life was great. I was happy and had everything I wanted. It is during this euphoria and sense of accomplishment that I had this Dream, or vision, a heavenly intervention.  It was January 2002. 

In the dream, it is the eve of my mother’s funeral. Her body is at home in preparation for the burial the following day. I am the only one, who is intrinsically aware that my mother is not dead, and I decided to steal the body. I took her and hid her under my jacket and walked away.

I was walking down the street, which at the end, I found myself in these beautiful, tranquil surroundings. This place is huge and stretched out like the sea, with green grass and a blue sky. Whilst marveling at this beautiful spectacle, water started shooting up all around in a circular motion, and then I looked up and saw a white cloud descending from above and in it was....

Water Fountain by Petr Kratochvil

Friday, November 18, 2011

The Wake up Call

[Excerpt by Kelly Berry in Divine Love for the Soul - God's Gift of Love]

Even though I know about Divine Love and receive it, life is not always a walk in the park.  Sometimes it is hard, but giving my love to God and knowing that He loves me back makes life move along more smoothly. There are still bumps in the road. There are still ups and downs. But God has helped make the rollercoaster ride of my life seem less like The Viper at Six Flags Magic Mountain, and more like the smooth humps along the Pearblossom Highway.

When I ask God to remove my negative thinking, He does. When I ask Him to remove my doubts, He does. When I ask Him to protect my daughter while she sleeps, He does. That brings me to my story....

Beautiful Garden by Mann Ngohayon

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Little Pearl of Wisdom

[Excerpt by Dan Bowman in Divine Love for the Soul - God's Gift of Love]

My first memories of talking to God were during my evening walks out on the Huntington Beach Pier. These evenings were gentle and peaceful during my nightly strolls out into the ocean. When the moon was visible, I noticed that everywhere I moved the moon's beamwould shine directly on me as I imagined the same with God as He was directly in my path as well. That wherever I turned, God would always be with me, to help me, to love me and comfort me. As I contemplated these things, I cried out to God to love and comfort me as this is where I received the first fruits of His Divine Love. The year is 1968 as I was 18.

Today, it is 43 years later on the Divine Love path, so what pearl of wisdom would I like to leave behind for others? I’ve often wondered, “Why me? Why have I stumbled across something that God’s Celestial Angels call, ‘The Greatest Miracle in the Universe’?” If you went out into the street and interviewed others and asked them what the greatest miracle in the universe is, you would not find consensus, and I doubt you will hear the message about the transformation of the mortal soul into the immortal through the infusion of God’s Divine Love. This is one of those little known secrets that....  

Sunset evening moon stars by Jon Sullivan

Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Search for Truth

[Excerpt by Ian Nicol in Divine Love for the Soul – God’s Gift of Love]

In the late 1990’s while I was at work, it suddenly occurred to me that there was a question that I had never asked. I always addressed God and none other, but this thought came to me with such power that I asked it instead. It thundered in my soul it seemed and the question was, “What did Jesus really say?” Simple, yes? I have no idea why I didn’t ask this before, since he did appear to me once.

Anyway, two days later, I was attracted to a website and started to read. It was about Jesus communicating through a man named James E. Padgett. I couldn’t believe my eyes. After reading only half a page, I knew this was the written truth I had been searching for, and the more I read, the more I realised that much of this had already been given to me through my non-material senses, or perceptions, and there was a lot more information here that I didn’t know about.

So I read it all and began to pray with my soul as it says in the messages, although it took some time, eventually it happened. A feeling swept over me originating in my soul in my chest area. It was a feeling of such bliss and…

Breaking Wave by Andrew Schmidt

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Spirit Walker

[Excerpt by Dr. Michael Nedbal in Divine Love for the Soul - God's Gift of Love]

I ran, and ran, and ran until I was numb and could only hear the rush of air in and out of my lungs. My body complained, but I ignored it and kept on running. Finally, my body gave out and I succumbed, collapsing like a ragdoll to the ground. I wanted to leave this earth and be with my Heavenly Father. Not only was I lost, I was tired and very lonely. 

Somehow I made it back to the small farm house situated in the middle of the cow pasture, and I wept like I had never wept before. I cried out to God, “Take me, Father, take me into your arms of Love! I no longer want to live on this earth.”

My mother had died, my girlfriend had attempted suicide, my career goals were turned upside down, and I felt alone – very alone. As I sat there on the floor with tears flowing down my cheeks, I felt this energy descend down upon me. And then I heard a voice in my head....

Path Through The Trees by David Wagner

Sunday, November 6, 2011

God's Gift of Love

If you are searching for an expert in a field that you have an interest, most likely, you will seek out sources that you feel are the most reliable and dependable. Well, if you are searching for God and what is the real truth about Him, then you have come to the right place.

The reason for this blog is to announce that an upcoming book will be published in the near future. All of the contributors in the book are experts in their field of spiritual knowledge and soul development having accepted and received in their souls God’s Gift of Love – Divine Love for the Soul.  And it’s the Gift that keeps on giving!

Many different religions have become awakened to the Divine Love; however, some do not know what it really is - even though the words "Divine Love" are used in their church’s name. And many people may be receiving God’s Divine Love and they may not even be aware of it. So what better way to learn of this self-discovery than by reading testimonies and experiences of people who know the real Truth.

We hope that you will enjoy reading excerpts of our true stories of soul awakenings, getting closer to God, amazing spiritual experiences and inspirational essays, and that as you read each post, you will feel the presence of the greatest blessing in all the universe – God’s Gift of Love.